The Tutorial will start as soon as you start a new game. It will lead you step by step through all basic game play. You'll have starting amount of Icon§HD 25 and Icon§Flutterbuck 5, which will only be spend on not forced actions. Further you'll get the amount of Icon§HD for the first and the second Forest Expansion gifted as soon as you need to unlock them.

Whenever you see the Tutorial Arrows, you'll be forced to do the specific action before you can do anything else.
First you'll start to clear the Incubator and to attract your first butterfly. After clearing the first grow spot, you'll learn how to feed and raise a new species from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult.

After that you'll unlock the first of six Pollen Flowers and learn how to feed and fuse adult butterflies. When you clear the second Pollen Flower Spot, you'll get a lesson on upgrading Pollen Flowers with free Icon§Flutterbuck. You are free to decide, which of both you want to upgrade.

As soon as you attract a Leopard, the Tutorial will show you, how to hurry incubation.

Tutorial§First Attraction
After reaching a score of 100 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints, you'll get an introduction on Attraction Flowers with a specific bunch of flowers:
Aztec Set§AF 100% Aztec Set§AF 100% Wayang Set§AF 100% Wayang Set§AF 100%
Common§AF 20% Common§AF 50% Common§AF 100%
Small§AF 20% Small§AF 50% Small§AF 100%


  • All Flutterbucks forced from tutorial are given for free and will not be taken from already stocked up Flutterbucks.
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