After reaching a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 1,225, from time to time you'll get the possibility to catch up past event butterflies, which will appear for an hour in your forest. Whenever a Special Visitor comes around, you'll get a notification by a banner and there will be a Special Visitor§Icon at the top left corner, which is also showing the remaining time.

In Forest§Special Visitor
The Special Visitor will be sitting at a branch ready to harvest Icon§HD and enlighted by a special glow. They further differ from your butterflies at their banner, which is decorated and colored more noble.

The offer to purchase a Special Visitor – for the twice of the normal egg lay cost – is available for one hour before time runs out and the butterfly leaves the forest. A countdown timer can be seen beneath the icon and at the Special Visitor's details page, which shows up by tapping it first and Button§SpecialVisitor Details then.

Special Visitor§Banner
Special Visitor§Details
The details page also gives all informations about the Special Visitor, like rarity, size, set and Special Ability. The Special Ability can be used by tapping Button§SpecialAbility, as usual.

If you decide to keep the Special Visitor in your forest, you need to tap Button§SpecialVisitor LayEgg at the details page. As the butterfly will leave immediately then, you should use the Special Ability – if you want to – before laying the egg.

The waiting time for a new Special Visitor depends on the decision to buy the last one or not: if bought, there should show up a new one after one day, if you let it pass, you'll have to wait four days.

Runaway posted on Facebook on 9th January 2020 stating that on the 12th January will start a new kind of event, Garden Events, which allow people to collect older sets' butterflies. With this event the Special Visitors will cease to appear in the forests.


  • The appearance of Special Visitors was introduced with Update 1.9 on 3rd July 2014.
  • Runaway stated that a Special Visitor won't appear within the first five hours after a Leaf Beetle has visited your forest or if you have not 'woken up' your forest by harvesting your butterflies and checking in recently.
  • Observations from the community revealed that Special Visitors don't seem to show up in forests which already contain every event butterfly. This probably means that only event butterflies which aren't unlocked in the Flutterpedia, will come around as Special Visitors.
  • It is not possible to use the egg layer ability on Special Visitors. That means that, if you want to keep the visiting butterfly, there is no way to avoid paying the amount of Flutterbucks.
  • Special Visitors seem to be too shy to show themselves during Events.
    This changed with the Hairstreak Event 27th November 2014. Since the Amore Event from 8th February 2016 –23rd February 2016 they regained their shyness and don't show up during Butterfly Events.
  • Unfortunately, even if their requirements fit, visitor butterflies are unable to do missions.
  • Special Visitors will revisit your forest some time in the future, if you don't purchase them the first time they show up, which gives you a second chance (and even a third, forth...) to buy it.
  • The delay for a new Special Visitor changed on 1st October 2014 from 1,3 days/3,3 days to 1 day/4 days.
  • On weekends, an Event known as a Butterfly Bonanza may occur, during which a Special Visitor will appear every 60 minutes. Visiting butterflies with the same Special Ability share the same cooldown during this time.
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