As soon as a butterfly is fully levelled up, it gains its special ability. The butterfly's ability is shown in the Flutterpedia as soon as the butterfly is unlocked and the Icon§SpecialAbility NotUnlocked will turn into Icon§SpecialAbility. There are two kind of special abilities: passive and active.

The passive ability adds 5% to the honeydew rate to all butterflies of the same set in the forest. The increased honeydew rate is up all the time – there is no button to activate it – and needs no time to recharge. It is indicated with a recharge rate of zero days (SpecialAbilityIcon 0d).
Butterflies with this ability become rare, as from time to time regular sets with this ability get new active abilities.

To use an active ability, you first need to tap a fully levelled butterfly and then the ability button Button§SpecialAbility. If it's an ability, which needs an object to be casted on, there will be a Target Circle§AttractionFlowersshowing up on these objects (i.e. the gamble on attraction flowers ability needs to be casted on an attraction flower, to half the cost of the next pollen flowers shift you need to choose a pollen flower, and so on). Whenever no target for the ability is available, the button will be greyed out Button§SpecialAbility NA.
After using the ability the button will change and show the remaining time of the recharging time Button§SpecialAbility Recharging. The recharging time can be hurried with Flutterbucks.


The active abilities can either affect your gameplay, i.e. eggs and raising caterpillars and chrysalises, Attraction Flowers, honeydew earning, creating barkbugs, dandelions, storage resources..., expanding your forest, gifting and double pollen outcome, with a recharging times from 4 hours to 7 days – or just be for decoration with a recharging time of 4 hours.

Some butterflies received an upgraded special ability for completing their set during the time limit. They are easy to discover by their purple Icon§SpecialAbility Upgraded instead of blue Icon§SpecialAbility special ability icon.

Gameplay Affecting Abilities

Note: There are many butterflies listed, which are only available during Butterfly Events or by buying it as Special Visitor. Event butterflies are bolded and shown in italics.
For comparison of Special Abilities have a look at the Butterfly Special Ability Comparison page including a sortable table.

+5% Honeydew Earning to Set Butterflies (All time up)


Eggs & Raising

Hurry a Caterpillar (24 hours to recharge)

Hurry a Chrysalis (3 days to recharge)

Hurry an Egg (3 days to recharge)

Lay an Egg for free (7 days to recharge)
(This ability can also be used on the butterfly itself)

Attraction Flower Abilities

Create an Attract Flower (24 hours to recharge)

Upgrade an Attract Flower One Level (2 days to recharge)
(This only works on the flowers that appear in the sanctuary.)

Upgrade an Attract Flower to 100% (7 days to recharge)
(This only works on the flowers that appear in the sanctuary.)

Special Ability§Attraction Flower Targeted

Harvest and Duplicate an Attract Flower (24 hours to recharge)

Harvest all Attract Flowers (24 hours to recharge)

Honeydew Harvest Abilities

Hurry a Butterfly (24 hours to recharge)

Make all butterflies take-off/Affectionately wake up all the butterflies (4 hours to recharge)
(All butterflies' honeydew ready to collect will be harvested)

Harvest all butterflies in the forest (24 hours to recharge)

Violetta Form with Double Honeydew (24 hours to recharge)

Triple honeydew received from next harvest (12 hours to recharge)
(This can be used on any butterfly in your forest except the butterfly itself.)

All Nearby Butterflies Become Ready Instantly/Lovingly make surrounding butterflies ready (24 hours to recharge)

Creation Abilities

Create Bark Bugs

Create Leaf Bugs

Create a Dandelion (24 hours to recharge)

Create a Petal (24 hours to recharge)

Fill forest with petals (2 days to recharge)

Create a Frog Treat (24 hours to recharge)

Create 3 Frog Delicacies (4 days to recharge)

In Forest§Gift From Frog

Create a thoughtful gift from the Frog (contain 1–4 Frog Treat or on rare occasions a Frog Delicacy) (24 hours to recharge)

Create Hidden Eggs (4 days to recharge)

Create a Hidden (Christmas) Present (4 days to recharge)

Create a Chinese New Year envelopes

Create storage resources (24 hours to recharge)

Pollen Flower Abilities

Special Ability§Pollen Flower Affected

Half the Cost of a Pollen Flower's Next Shift (2 days to recharge)

Hurry a Pollen Flower (24 hours to recharge)

Change the Color of a Pollen Flower (5 days to recharge)

Forest Abilities

Double reward from a Leafbug or Barkbug.

Double Pollen Effectiveness on a Butterfly for One Minute. (24 hours to recharge)

Double Pollen Effectiveness on the Bee Fly for One Minute. (24 hours to recharge)

Sky-blue Hairstreak§Facebook2

Double Bee Fly's bounty. (24 hours to recharge)

Give the Bee Fly love (4 hours to recharge)

Gamble on an Attract Flower to get a Flutterbuck (24 hours to recharge)
(The chance to succeed is about 50%)

Chop an Expansion Foliage (7 days to recharge)

Capture all frog treats in the forest (24 hours to recharge)

Bulk feed all forest Treats and Delicacies to the frog (24 hours to recharge)

Social Abilities

Duplicate a Basic Gift from a Friend (24 hours to recharge)

Reset the Day's Basic Gift Counter (24 hours to recharge)
(This ability resets the gifting for the whole friendlist, so you are able to gift one person twice or more, depending on the amount of butterflies with this ability. This changed and is not possible anymore with Update V 2.5. For more information visit the Friends page.)

Send up to 25 Gifts to 25 Different Friends for 5 Minutes (7 days to recharge)

Open all small gifts in the forest (24 hours to recharge)

Reset the Store's Daily Deals (24 hours to recharge)

Wisp Abilities

Hurry the Wisp Mother (24 hours to recharge)

Sends the Wisp Mother into a frenzy (7 days to recharge)

Duplicate a Wisp (16 Hour to recharge)

Attempt a capture on all wisps in the forest (24 hours to recharge)

Mission Abilities

Switch to a random Mission (24 hours to recharge)

Hurry a Mission (24 hours to recharge)

Selects a vaild butterfly for the current Mission (2 days to recharge)

Decorative Abilities (4 hours to recharge)


Stripy Trail

Colorful Trail

Rainbow Trail

Small Trail

Big Trail

Trail of Clovers

Graceful Trail

Expanding Trail

Explosive Trail

'Spooky, scary, skeleton Trail'

'Easter Trail'

Leaf Trail

Summer Dust Trail

Draws a Heart with a Special Trail

Draw a Butterfly

Auras and Clouds

Sparkle Aura

Scary Poisonous Cloud

Misty Aura

Glitter Aura

Scary Noxious Cloud

Metallic Aura

Beauty Aura

Wispy Aura

Heart Aura

Aura of boomerangs

Fireworks Show

Launch a Firework


Make all butterflies land

Speedy Butterfly

Special Ability§Shrink

Shrink Butterfly

Enlarge Butterfly

Make the Frog do a little dance

Other Creatures

Not only butterflies have Special Abilities, also the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee has an active special ability. It can double the amount of pollen of one shift of one pollen flower every 12 hours. Its ability has the same way to be used like any other active special ability with target.


  • All butterflies shown in italic and bold are limited and can be only obtained during their specific Butterfly Event or by buying as Special Visitor.
  • As soon as you put a butterfly to Storage its special ability's recharging time will be set full cooldown, even if the special ability wasn't on recharging time when put to Storage.
  • The special ability recharging time does accumulate further whilst the butterfly is on a mission.
  • If you send a butterfly boosted with Triple Honeydew on Next Harvest to a mission, it'll lose it's tripling boost, when it returns. This will also happen, if you level up a butterfly, which is boosted with Triple Honeydew on Next Harvest.
  • The previous Comma ability of only duplicating an attraction flower without harvesting had been changed to include harvest with Version 1.86 on 06th June 2014.
  • During the Icon§SpecialAbility Special Ability Weekend Icon§SpecialAbility from 3rd October – 6th October 2014
    all butterflies' and Buff-Tailed Bumblebee's Special Abilities were ready after the half time after usage. During the first 12 hours of the Event all abilities were set to a recharging time of 6 hours, which were fixed quickly.
  • During a Visiting Butterfly Bonanza visiting butterflies with the same Special Abilities and the same recharging time share the same cooldown.