The Shop might be helpful to speed up the your game progress with Flutterbucks Icon§Flutterbuck or even with real money. It offers special packages providing a discount compared to buying the packages stuff seperately. To buy specific attraction flowers, you have to open the attraction flowers menu, tap the desired attraction flower and then buy it by tapping the specific button. To go to the shop, tap Icon§Shop at the bottom of the screen.

Shop§Bumble Bee
Shop§Doug the Glowbug

Some store items are permanent, like the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee for Icon§Flutterbuck 200 and Doug the Glowbug for real money, six Flutterbuck packages and six Honeydewpackages also for real money.

Shop§Beetle Bank

On May 30th, 2017, a permanent feature known as the Beetle Bank was also introduced to the Shop for real money.

There are also special and event dependent packages, which will only shop up during specific events (like the Golden Wisp Nets). They can be diffenrent every day.

Shop§Scroll Down

There are Daily Deals, too.They can be different every day. Only core set, rarity and size Attraction Flowers show up as Daily Deals. They can only be bought once. After buying them, they'll be marked with as Sold Out.

Shop§Daily Deal Sold Out

The flowers at the first line are always 100%, which can be bought for a reduced amount of Icon§Flutterbuck, the ones of the second line are all 20% and can be bought for Icon§HD.


  • The Daily Deals became available on July 25th 2013 with Update 1.61.
  • Every now and then a SaleIcon is announced, giving you the chance to catch some bargains!
  • The order items are arranged in the Shop might change, especially during Set-Flower Events and Flower per Butterfly Events, but also on Sale Weekends.
  • Usually the Daily Deals are packed in one row or one square, but on the weekend from September 19th – 21st 2014 were misarranged, so the legendary attraction flower appeared in the square with the Daily Deals and the forth deal in the next row, what lead to some confusion. This issue got fixed quickly!
  • With the shop's revamp of Update 2.5 it's no longer possible to shop for friends, consequentially it's not longer possible to set a wish. Further attraction flowers can now be bought from the flower's inventory directly.
  • The daily deals of the new shop (Version 2.5) sometimes show the image of a 100% attraction flower by an 20% offer.
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