Missions can be accessed after opening the spots beneath the Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher. You need a Flutterpedia score of over Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 650. 

Tap the bird, which shows a golden question mark, to see, which mission it has for you. Pay special consideration to the words in capitals in the mission's description, as these will guide you to select the right butterfly. It's menu will offer the options Button§Help (Help), Button§Missions (Missions), Button§Kingfisher Outfit Equipped (Outfit Equipped) and Button§Kingfisher Outfit Next (Next Outfit). The golden question mark will change to silver after you read the description once.

Once you've decided which butterfly would be a good fit – of if you used a butterfly's Special Ability to get the right one, tap it and drag it to the landing pad next to the bird (the leaf to the right of the bird). The bird will let you know whether that butterfly will be a good fit or not. If have chosen a good match, tap on the bird again and its menu bar will open and change to Button§Missions (Missions), Button§Begin! (Begin!), Button§Kingfisher Outfit Equipped (Outfit Equipped) and Button§Kingfisher Outfit Next (Next Outfit).
Missions§Spot Busy
Tap Button§Begin! to start the mission. A timer below the bird shows the time remaining in the mission, the leaf will roll in and the menu will switch once more: Button§Help (Help), Button§Missions (Missions), Button§Hurry (Hurry), Button§Kingfisher Outfit Equipped (Outfit Equipped) and Button§Kingfisher Outfit Next (Next Outfit). You may now hurry the mission by spending Icon§Flutterbuck by the common hurrying rules, but with a basic extra charge of Icon§Flutterbuck 10.
As soon as the timer runs out, your butterfly will return (as long as it is on its mission it will show up like you don't have any, just like as it's been sold, but it will come back – promised) and the bird will show an golden exlamation mark. Just tap the bird or the butterfly to get a last information on the mission and to receive your reward.

Further Informations and Tips

Flutterpedia§Chapter4 Missions
To get a check at the missions you already solved and any others, you can go two ways. First is by tapping Icon§Flutterpedia at the bottom of the screen and then opening Tab§Flutterpedia Missions (Missions Tab). Second is to tap Button§Missions (Missions) at the bird's menu by tapping it.

At this section you can also switch to another mission as long as no butterfly is already sent away by going to the Missions Flutterpedia Entry. The current mission is underlined and marked with a glowing butterfly Icon§MissionsButterfly InProgress and an ornament Icon§MissionActive and can't be selected. Available missions are marked with a golden butterfly Icon§MissionsButterfly DoneAtLeastOnceAndButterflyAvailable and Button§SwitchMission (Switch). Missions you don't have a matching butterfly for are marked with Icon§MissionsButterfly NAorNeverDone and Icon§MissionNA.

After selecting your alternative mission, the game will ask for your permission as you have to spend a specific amount of Flutterbucks. You may switch as often as you want to, but keep in mind, that it costs Icon§Flutterbuck. There are also butterflies with the Special Ability to switch to a random mission.

Each mission has a difficulty rating, which tells you at what level a butterfly will be assured success – in some cases its even a requirement, so a matching butterfly may be declined if it hasn't a high enough stage. Best is to choose a butterfly whose level is as high as the number of difficulty stars Missions§Star (e.g. Level 5 butterfly for a 5 star mission) to ensure you'll pass the mission. Lower level butterflies can usually go on these missions, but have a significantly lower chance of success – each star missing lowers the chance to succeed by 20%. If a mission fails your butterfly will return in any case.


Mission Failed

The bird will only give you missions, which match with one butterfly you have around at the forest. Missions, which would require butterflies you didn't unlock yet, you sold or stored, won't show up. This may be helpful to know, if you wan't to have specific missions you want to – just leave butterflies at the forest, which fit the requirements.

As long as you never did a specific mission with success, it will be displayed faded Missions§Never. After completing it successfully once, it will strengthen Missions§AtLeastOnce. On the right side, you will see your progress on the each mission. If you did one at least five non consecutive times, it'll be marked as Missions§AllDone.

If you have done every mission at least once, you'll receive a page specific Decoration. For making all missions on one page All Done, you'll receive the deluxe version of the decoration. These decorations can be placed like any other decoration earned from butterfly sets.

Further ornaments will gradually appear on the little 'shelves' in the bird's nook as you complete more and more missions. First to appear will be a pink stone, then a brown shell, then a basket of berries, then a string of colourful feathers, and finally some toys made from pine cones, which can be found at the Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher's page.

Special Abilities

Some Event butterflies brought Special Abilities to the sanctuary which made it possible to influence missions: To select a matching butterfly for the current mission every two days, switch to a random mission and to hurry a mission every 24 hours.

Select a Valid Butterfly
Switch to a Random Mission
Hurry a Mission

Related Goals

  • Heroic: Complete 50 missions (Reward: Legendary§AF 20%)
  • Heroic II: Complete 200 missions (Reward: Legendary§AF 50%)
  • Heroic III: Complete 500 missions (Reward: Legendary§AF 100%)


Name Time ★★★★★ Reward Switch Requirements Mission Text Return Text
1 Zippy 30 min Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Any small butterfly I need a SMALL butterfly to sneak through the underbrush for me. Wow, what a zippy little guy! Great work!
2 Pollination 4 h Wayang 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 3 Any medium butterfly Is there a MEDIUM butterfly who can help pollinate some flowers? Thriving flora everywhere. Great job.
3 Defender 8 h Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any large butterfly I need a LARGE butterfly to help scare away some smugglers. That showed them! Those creeps won't be back any time soon.
4 House Keeping 45 min ☆☆ Wayang 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Pale Sulphur Could your PALE SULPHUR help me with a little task? Thank you. Never seen the place so spotless!
5 Little Army 2 h Wayang 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 2 Any green butterfly Some leafcutter ants need help from a GREEN butterfly to collect their harvest. Nice job. The ants are super grateful for your help!
6 Cryptic 8 h ☆☆☆ Maua 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 2 Any Aztec butterfly Could a butterfly help to decode some ancient AZTEC symbols? Ah yes, I thought a South American butterfly from the Aztec set would be of help here.
7 Eye for Fungi 5 h ☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Sara Longwing Your SARA LONGWING would love to go on a fungi safari. What a trip! So many weird and wonderful mushrooms!
8 River Rescue 9 h Mariposa 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 30 Any blue butterfly We need a BLUE butterfly to help track down a missing baby dolphin! Poor thing got a little out of his depth, but they found him!
9 Strange Behavior 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Sara Longwing I'd like to study this phenomenon of "PUPAL MATING" a bit more. Well that's a little strange, but different strokes I suppose...
10 Zip BD Doo Dah 15 min ☆☆ Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Icon§Flutterbuck 1 BD Could your BD help zip through the undergrowth for me? Wow he's so fast! Nice work.
11 Orange Forage 5 h Small 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 12 Any orange butterfly Could an ORANGE butterfly help the hard working-ants with their foraging? In return, the ants are going to help defend our sanctuary against predators. Nice one!
12 Elevation 8 h ☆☆☆☆ Large 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 30 BD Your CALLICORE CYNOSURA would love to go explore the canopy Nothing like watching the sun set over the rainforest from on high.
13 Painterly 30 min Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 BD Where is that butterfly that looks like it has LETTERS painted on it's WINGS? Such cool patterns. I wonder if there are more out there like that.
14 Tree Friends 4 h ☆☆ Mariposa 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 8 Common Jezebel Your COMMON JEZEBEL would like to visit his tree monkey friends. They had a great time hanging out! Those monkeys are trouble though, I'd watch out.
15 Wayang to Go 30 min ☆☆☆ Medium 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Any Wayang butterfly Perhaps a WAYANG set butterfly could help me with my current conundrum. Thanks for sparing him for a moment. He was a great help.
16 Stay Back! 10 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Mariposa 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 30 Common Jezebel or RedSpot Sawtooth I need to warn away some predators, where is a POISONOUS LOOKING butterfly? Nice job. Disaster averted, that could have got ugly.
17 Feline Fashion 15 min Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Leopard or Leopard Lacewing Do you have a butterfly that could BLEND into the SPOTS of a LEOPARD? How's that for camouflage. Riding on the back of a leopard! Now that's travelling in style.
18 Holding Court 3 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Leopard Do you know of any butterflies that have come from the fabled "BUTTERFLY KINGDOM?" That's right! Taiwan is home to many amazing butterfly species.
19 New Homes 4 h ☆☆ Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Banded Orange Could your BANDED ORANGE help us scout for some new sanctuaries? Nice work. A plethora of great new spots for your friends to call 'home'.
20 Parrot Prank 9 h ☆☆☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Banded Orange I need the disruptive patterning of a DRYADULA PHAETUSA to play a prank on my parrot friend. Hah! What a riot, that silly parrot couldn't even see this little guy! Nice one.
21 Roost Hunting 1 h ☆☆ Uncommon 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 2 Common Rose Is there a COMMON ROSE who can scout out some new roosting spots? Brilliant. I'll let my friends know there are plenty of places to set up shop.
22 Snow Scout 10 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Common Rose I need a butterfly from the HIMALAYAS to investigate a snow-capped mountain. Burrr! It must have been cold up there.
23 Butterfly Bling 5 h ☆☆ Epic 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Could your RAJAH BROOKES BIRDWING adorn the hair of a priestess for a ceremony? The priestess looked stunning and she thanked us by blessing our sanctuary!
24 Eco Warrior 1 h ☆☆☆ Rare 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Any uncommon butterfly An UNCOMMON butterfly is needed urgently to help sabotage a logging crew! No way they'll be able to log there now, not with us around. Long live the forest!
25 National Treasure 4 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Legendary 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 20 Rajah Brooke's Birdwing The MALAYSIAN people are looking for their NATIONAL BUTTERFLY. The perfect ambassador for their country!
26 River Run 45 min ☆☆ Mayan Star 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Sea Green Swallowtail I think the wings of a SEA GREEN SWALLOWTAIL would blend nicely into the Amazon waters. Your little guy flew safely down the river without being spotted.
27 Rare Breed 12 h ☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any rare butterfly I have a dangerous mission, only a RARE butterfly would be up to the task! That was close, but they made it out alive. Good thing we went a rare specimen!
28 Into the Field 45 min ☆☆ Mayan Star 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Dotted Border Could your DOTTED BORDER help collect some specimens for study? Excellent, these specimens will help our investigations along nicely.
29 Screech! 2 h ☆☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any Maua butterfly What's that gruesome sound? Can we send a MAUA butterfly to check it out? Whew, it was just the Howler Monkeys. They should keep the racket down!
30 House Warming 5 h ☆☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Dotted Border I need a MYLOTHRIS AGATHINA to help a bird friend of mine build their nest. Nice job! My friend is feeling quite at home in his new nest.
31 Great Explorer 9 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Mayan Star 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 40 Dotted Border I need a butterfly suited to exploring the COAST around CAPE TOWN. Those southern seas are treacherous waters! Everyone seems to be safe though.
32 The Great Lake 4 h ☆☆ Medium 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Western Blue Beauty Your WESTERN BLUE BEAUTY would love to explore the great African Lake, Victoria. Wow, Victoria is two hundred and fifty kilometres wide. That's quite a flight!
33 Catching Rays 4 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Western Blue Beauty or Oak Blue It's such a beautiful day. Do you have a butterfly that particularly LIKES SUNBATHING? Ahh, nothing like catching a few rays.
34 Zoologist 1 h ☆☆ Papakura 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 15 Spotted Lilac Tree Nymph Woah what was that strange creature!? Could your SPOTTED LILAC TREE NYMPH track it for me? So that was a Tapir, huh? Looked like a pig with a trunk!
35 Take a Load Off 3 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 20 Spotted Lilac Tree Nymph Your SEVENIA PECHUELI would love to find a nice marshy area in which to relax for a spell. Relaxed, recharged, and ready to go. This guy really loves the undergrowth.
36 Cub Scout 8 h Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any small butterfly A leopard cub has lost her mother! Can a SMALL butterfly help them reunite? Mother and cub are back together and will help chase predators away from our sanctuary.
37 New Bloom 30min ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Wood White We need your WOOD WHITE to help spread some spores through the forest. Nice one! These fungi play an important role in the rainforest ecosystem.
38 Enter the Dragonfly 5 h ☆☆☆ Papakura 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 25 Any Mariposa butterfly I need a MARIPOSA butterfly to track some trouble-making dragonflies. Those guys are always up to no good! Better keep an eye on them.
39 Doctor White 9 h Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 3 Any white butterfly Mission Text: Your frog is feeling a little off color. Could a WHITE butterfly find a treatment for him? A poisonous frog needing medicine, huh. But he's an important dude around here!
40 Quick Brown Fox 5 h ☆☆☆☆ Large 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 25 Wood White Your LEPTIDEA SINAPIS would love to go and play with some foxes in the countryside. Hah, those guys are quick but not quick enough to catch you!
41 Bumbling Bee 15 min ☆☆ Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Peacock A plump little bumble bee got himself stuck! Could your PEACOCK butterfly help out? Too much pollen for that pudgy little bee. Nice work getting him out of there
42 Eye Full 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Peacock Predators Incoming! I need an INACHIS IO to warn them away. Those eye patterns sure are awesome at scaring away predators.
43 Ritualistic 1 h ☆☆☆ Mayan Star 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 45 Any Mayan Star butterfly The Amazonian people would love a MAYAN STAR butterfly to join in on a ritual. What a wonderful addition he was to the proceedings.
44 Reunite the River 5 h Medium 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 8 Any small blue butterfly Can a SMALL BLUE butterfly help reunite a family of river dolphins lost in the floods below? Those were some powerful waters, but the family made it!
45 Quiet! 30 min ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Cephus Blue Ringlet Could your CEPHUS BLUE RINGLET go tell those noisy monkeys to keep it down?! I doubt they really listened, but thanks anyway.
46 Monkeying Around 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Mayan Star 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 25 Cephus Blue Ringlet Your CEPHEUPTYCHIA CEPUS would love to spend more time with the monkeys. This one seems to enjoy the infernal racket coming from those pesky monkeys!
47 Laying Low 9 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 3 Cephus Blue Ringlet Is there a MAYAN STAR butterfly who would be good at scouting round the understory? You saw what down there? A black panther? How cool!
48 High Above 45 min ☆☆ Uncommon 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Zebra Longwing Your ZEBRA LONGWING fancies a trip up to the Emergent layer of the forest. From high up there you can see the whole forest!
49 Homeland 30 min Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Zebra Longwing or Zebra Swallowtail Do you have a STRIPED butterfly that would feel right at home in FLORIDA? Locals of the Sunshine State are so proud of the new state mascot.
50 Not so Tasty 5 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 15 Zebra Longwing That poisonous looking HELICONIUS CHARITHONIA could help deter some peckish birds! That should keep them at bay for now, although I still don't like the look in their eye.
51 Passionate 1.5 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Zebra Longwing Do you have a butterfly that would be FAMILIAR with the YELLOW PASSION FLOWER? Perfect, this poisonous flower will help us make a great defensive trap!
52 Field Trip 15 min ☆☆ Medium 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Blue Doctor I need some specimens collected for study. Could your BLUE DOCTOR help? Wow thanks, that's just what we needed. Let the experiments commence!
53 Remedy 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Blue Doctor We have a sick leopard on our hands! Can your RHETUS PERIANDER assist? You know the rainforest is sometimes called "the world's pharmacy", miracle cures abound!
54 Cat Candour 30 min ☆☆ Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Tigerwing Could your TIGERWING help us make friends with a big cat? Perfect! That majestic leopard will certainly give our predators some second thoughts.
55 Joyride 8 h ☆☆☆☆ Legendary 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 18 Tigerwing Your MECHANITIS POLYMNIA would love to ride on the back of a speeding leopard! Those two have become quite good friends. What a speed rush!
56 Nightime Bloom 45 min ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Blue Morpho Your BLUE MORPHO would love to see a water lily bloom at night. Such a pretty sight. I hear they bloom white on the first night, then pink the second.
57 Morpho Party 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Citlali 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 25 Blue Morpho Look! A group of MORPHO PELIEDES are massing over there. Could we join the party? That's a smart strategy, all linking together so they look scary to predators.
58 Naptime 15 min ☆☆ Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Paradise Phantom Your shy little PARADISE PHANTOM would like to take some shelter in the undergrowth. He really liked that little bit of peace and quiet.
59 Playtime 3 h Papakura 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Any pink butterfly Could a cute little PINK butterfly help me cheer up some Amazonian children? Such a pretty little thing. The children loved having him around!
60 Under Cover 8 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 12 Paradise Phantom Think your CITHAERIAS PHANTOMA would be suited to a stealthy little mission? This reclusive and dainty little thing was perfect. Didn't get spotted once.
61 Hookstep 30 min ☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Great Blue Hookwing Could your GREAT BLUE HOOKWING delight the Peruvian people with a dance? Such spectacular wings. The Peruvian people just love watching a Hookwing pass by.
62 Mountain High 5 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 7 Great Blue Hookwing Your NAPEOCLES JUCUNDA would love to explore the slopes of the Andes. So many amazing old ruins to discover amongst those slopes.
63 Perimeter 30 min ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Cycad Blue Could your CYCAD BLUE help keep an eye out for predators? Good job. We must always stay vigilant.
64 Mega Garden 6 h ☆☆☆☆ Citlali 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 35 Cycad Blue Your THECLINESTHES ONYCHA has a message to deliver to the Gardens by the Bay. What a wonder to behold those gardens were. Singapore is lucky!
65 Oceanic Voyage 10 h ☆☆☆ Citlali 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 70 Any Papakura butterfly Would a PAPAKURA set butterfly be brave enough to try crossing the Tasman sea? Phew!... No wonder Australia and New Zealand share so few species!
66 Ant Mender 2 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Rare 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 3 Cycad Blue or Small Cupid I'm looking for a butterfly who had a CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with ANTS while GROWING UP Excellent job. Those ants are now fully trained to defend new little caterpillars.
67 Lonely Lemur 45 min ☆☆ Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Purple-Spotted Swallowtail I bet the colorful wings of a PURPLE SPOTTED SWALLOWTAIL could cheer up that Lemur. I'm sure she appreciated it, even if she still looks a little dour.
68 Species Search 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 6 Purple-Spotted Swallowtail Could your GRAPHIUM WEISKEI help us scout out some new fauna? Wow, New Guinea has so many weird and wonderful creatures.
69 Highland Helper 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Epic 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 18 Purple-Spotted Swallowtail Which butterfly could deliver an important message to the HIGHLANDS of NEW GUINEA? Didn't you get a little light headed? That was 4,500 ft up!
70 Here Boy 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 12 Silky Owl Could your TAENARIS CATOPS investigate that mad howling noise? The New Guinea Singing Dog you say? Not sure I'd pay for entry to that show.
71 Eye-full 45 min ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Silky Owl Quick! We need the eye spots of your SILKY OWL to scare away some hungry parrots! Nice one, those pesky parrots wouldn't mess with a great owl like that!
72 Counter Attack! 8 h ☆☆☆ Legendary 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Any epic butterfly Oh no! Loggers on their way to our tree! We need an EPIC butterfly to lead a resistance! This guy rallied the creatures of the forest and scared the loggers away!
73 Hungry Eyes 30 min Rama-rama 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Peacock, Silky Owl, Blue Morpho or Loruhama Eyemark Uh oh, I feel predators lurking, where's a butterfly with EYE-SPOTS? Nice! Predators would think twice about trying to sneak up on this one.
74 Kitty Chat 15 min Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Icon§Flutterbuck 1 Leopard, Tiger Longwing, Leopard Lacewing, Tigerwing or Dark-Blue Tiger I need a butterfly with a CAT-LIKE NAME to help butterfly-leopard relations. Well, I'm glad we smoothed that one over. Things were getting hairy for a second there.
75 Long Haul 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Rama-rama 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 20 Any Longwing butterfly There's an inter-forest gliding competiotion! Let's enter one of our LONGWINGS. We won! And in a photo finish. Wow, that was emotional.
76 Heliconius Heist 5 h ☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any heliconius butterfly Can a HELICONIUS butterfly sneak into the dragonflies' hideout for me? You heard what!? Those pesky dragonflies are planning an invasion? Better watch out.
77 A Tall Swallowtail 45 min ☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Any Swallowtail butterfly Let's send a SWALLOWTAIL to greet the new inhabitants of our neighbouring tree. What a nice gesture, but our tree is way cooler than theirs.
78 Wingspection 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 8 Any butterfly with Papilio in its scientific name I would like to send away a PAPILIO for study of its interesting wing shape. So apparently this wing shape gives Swallowtails a stronger downward flap. Science!
79 Small World 5 h Uncommon 100% Icon§Flutterbuck 9 Any small butterfly Could a SMALL butterfly sneak over to our neighbouring forest to see whats going on? Oh good, we have far more species than they do. Still king of the forest!
80 Swish 8 h Citlali 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 35 Any medium butterfly All the butterflies are gathering for a MEDIUM wing-pattern fashion show. Let's enter! Good choice! You took home the grand prize. Such style!
81 Gift of Gab 3 h Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any common butterfly Let's choose a friendly COMMON butterfly to make friends with the surrounding wildlife. He had quite the afternoon! Toucans, monkeys, parrots, all sorts of new friends to make.
82 Diner Dash 7 h Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any uncommon butterfly Hey! A spider-monkey just stole my dinner! Send an UNCOMMON butterfly to get it back! Thank goodness. I think the whole forest could hear my tummy rumbling. Let's eat!
83 Spicy 3 h ☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Any Turmeric butterfly Could a TURMERIC set butterfly help collect some delicious spices? These will do nicely. Time for supper!
84 Sweet Aroma 30 min ☆☆ Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Orange Albatross Your ORANGE ALBATROSS can smell something cooking, let's investigate! Those were some very exotic flavours! Not really to my taste, but I'm sure he loved it.
85 Chow Time 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Rama-rama 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 11 Orange Albatross Could an APPIAS NERO keep some natives below company while they prepare a feast? Looks like they're cooking up a storm. I wonder what the special occasion is?
86 Mountaineer 7 h ☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Red Lacewing Could your RED LACEWING deliver a message to the Himalayas for me? What a mountain range! I suppose that's what you get when you slam continents together.
87 Monumental 8 h ☆☆☆☆ Rama-rama 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 22 Red Lacewing Your CETHOSIA BIBLIS would love to visit the TAJ MAHAL. You say it was built by am emperor to honor his wife? How sweet.
88 Worm Tongue 30 min Rare 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 8 Any medium butterfly Look out! Anteater! Send out a MEDIUM butterfly to warn our leaf-cutter friends! Nice job. That showed the big-nosed creep!
89 Forage for Fungi 2 h ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 4 RedSpot Sawtooth Could your RED SPOT SAWTOOTH help me locate a rare fungi? Thanks, I might be able to use this in one of my new recipes
90 Kitty Daycare 3 h ☆☆☆☆ Rama-rama 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 11 RedSpot Sawtooth Your PRIONERIS CLEMANTHE would love to go play with some Bengal Tiger cubs. So cute! You may not want to hang around them when they're grown up though, scary!
91 Master of Disguise 9 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Rama-rama 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 22 RedSpot Sawtooth I need an EPIC butterfly to go UNDERCOVER with a group of COMMON JEZEBELS. Sneaky! Nothing like a bit of mimicry to help slip under the radar.
92 Lone Bloom 8 h ☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any epic butterfly A special Orchid is on the brink of extinction. We need an EPIC butterfly to help with pollination. Nice job! That was tough finding two matching species though, its a wonder they survive!
93 Bully 4 h Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Any large butterfly Some dragonflies are teasing that poor monkey! Send a LARGE butterfly to sort them out. That sent them packing. Those dragonflies are nothing but trouble.
94 Nut Farmer 1 h ☆☆☆ Uncommon 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 3 Any Citlali butterfly Can a CITLALI butterfly help the Amazon people find some more Brazil Nuts to harvest? Awesome! Brazil Nuts are a vital, sustainable crop for the Amazonians.
95 Rainforest Race 1 h ☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Silvery Blue Your SILVERY BLUE wants to get into a race with a few other Amazonian butterflies. What a speedster! He left the rest of them in the dust!
96 Invisabutterfly 45 min ☆☆ Large 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Glasswing There's a game of hide and seek going on, I bet your GLASSWING would be great at it! So yeah, you won, but it's kind of unfair when you're semi-transparent.
97 Far Away 10 h ☆☆ Rama-rama 50% Icon§Flutterbuck 40 Monarch It's time for a great migration, do we have a MONARCH around? Outstanding. The migration is on its way. See you guys soon!
98 Course Correction 5 h ☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Monarch Oh no, a great MIGRATION has gone off track. Can a DANAUS PLEXIPPUS help them out? Thanks to you the migration is back on track. Hope they make it all the way.
99 American Tale 9 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Rama-rama 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 9 Monarch or Pale Sulphur Which species do you think would be suited to leading a great AMERICAN MIGRATION? These guys must see such amazing sights on their epic trip.
100 Low Pass 15 min ☆☆ Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Spicebush Swallowtail Can your SPICEBUSH SWALLOWTAIL swoop down to the forest floor for me? All sorts of creepy crawly things down there. I think I'll stay safely up here in the canopy.
101 Surprise Party 7 h ☆☆☆☆ Uzuri 10% Icon§Flutterbuck 22 Any butterfly with Delias in its scientific name The DELIAS butterflies are ready for a surprise party, can you send the guest? SURPRISE! The party was all for you, my friend.
102 Papilio Perk Up 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 16 Kingpage Swallowtail PAPILIO THOAS is having a fantastic day and wants to find someone to cheer-up! "We'll call you the King of Grins. Great Job.
103 Wing Yoga 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Jewelled Nawab Can you send your POLYRA DELPHIS to do some wing yoga on a leaf? Those wing lifts look so relaxing.
104 Sibling Supper 3 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Zebra Swallowtail Yikes! Those caterpillars are trying to EAT EACH OTHER! Is there a butterfly who knows what's going on? Those caterpillars were kinda scary.
105 Ant Avoidance 10 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Uzuri 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 44 Any butterfly whose caterpillar has an Osmeterium *But first need to open a fact about Kingpage Swallowtail Some invasive ants are spreading, can you send a butterfly whose CATERPILLAR grows an anti-ant OSMETERIUM? Those ants couldn't take the smell. Good job!
106 King Spirit 45 min ☆☆☆☆☆ Large 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 10 Sunset Moth Is there someone here who can go serve as the “King Spirit” for a MADAGASCAR ceremony at DUSK? "King Spirit", what a high honor.
107 Trickster 8 h ☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Sea Green Swallowtail Can a WAYANG SWALLOWTAIL go trick some bug eating birds into leaving? Good flying! Looks like those birds are bugging outta here.
108 Sunny Vacation 5 h ☆☆ Frog Treat Icon§Flutterbuck 4 Jewelled Nawab Your JEWELED NAWAB needs a little time away, let's give it a sunny vacation! Looks like some time in the sun was all it needed.
109 Flower Investigation 9 h ☆☆☆☆ Legendary 20% Icon§Flutterbuck 20 Broad-banded Demon Some flowers are blooming in a distant part of the forest, can your CHAMAELIMNAS BRIOLA see what kind they are? Thank you, I bet they smelled great!
110 Bird Call 2 h ☆☆ Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Flutterbuck 5 Broad-banded Demon Do you hear that bird call? Let's see if the BROAD-BANDED DEMON can find out what it is. It was a baby hoatzin, and it had fingers! Cool.


  • Please note, that some Event Butterflies can only be used on rarity and size missions. Species (i.e. Swallowtail) and color depending mission sometimes don't accept them.
  • After the Missions Weekend 21st March – 24th March 2015 the missions remained to half of the time until 1st of April 2015.

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