If you have turned on notifications for Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary on your device next to the expected reminders, like eggs are ready to hatch or if the wisp mother is ready, there are other notifications. These notifications might remind you of playing again, but also let you know about news and events.

Here are some examples you might get
Those flowers you collect around the forest are key to attracting new species.
Did you know all the butterflies in Flutter are real life species?
Invite your friends to make their own forest and share free gifts!
Time to wake your forest up, let those butterflies take flight!
Your forest is ready to grow, it just needs you!
The forest has been quite recently, your butterflies want to come out and play!
Perfect the SETNAME set to earn the deluxe DECORATION, or perfect it before time’s up to transform your UPGRADED BUTTERFLY!
Time is almost up to complete the SETNAME event! Remember that any unused event flowers will be converted to Honeydew at the end of the event.
This weekend is a visiting butterfly bonanza! Past event butterflies will be visiting the forest every hour for 48 hours only!
Time is almost up in the Visiting Butterfly Bonanza!
Happy Halloween! There’s spooky visiting butterfly bonanza happening in the forest for the next 24 hours!
Happy Thanksgiving! Check your forest for a special gift from Runaway!


  • This list does not include all reminders.
  • You might also get reminders from Flutter for announcement of RunawayIconunaways other games (Splash and Flutter: Starlight).
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