The Flutterpedia is where the game stores all information you have found, and all progress you have made (more specifically, it holds missions, butterfly information, goals, and decorations).

It can be found on the bottom of the game. It changes in appearance as soon as you reach a higher Flutterpedia score. To do that you need to earn Flutterpedia Points, which you get for hatching and leveling up butterflies.

Tab§Flutterpedia Butterflies
Tab§Flutterpedia Creatures
Tab§Flutterpedia Decorations
Tab§Flutterpedia Missions
Tab§Flutterpedia Goals
Here you'll find all informations of all butterflies you already unlocked and attracted. Even if you sell it, its entry will remain.
At this chapter you will find some more informations about the creatures, which share the forest.
This sections shows all the decorations you already achieved.
This chapter lists all missions including your progress.
At this section you can find all goals – achieved and in progress.

Flutterpedia Points Icon§FlutterpediaPoints

You get Flutterpedia points for the first time

  • unlocking a new species (0.fig = Butterfly Silhouette):
  • each following stage (10 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints) (unlocking 1.fig – 4.fig = Caterpillar, Scientific Name, Chrysalis and Description).
  • completing the last stage (unlocking Special Ability):

So you may get for completing a butterfly 120 – 200 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints. This can be done only once for each butterfly species.

Unlocked by Icon§FlutterpediaPoints

Collecting Icon§FlutterpediaPoints unlocks several content in the game. Your Flutterpedia Score ist most important for unlocking new Core Sets. The following table shows an ascending list of the things you can unlock by reaching a specific Score.

 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 0 Wayang Set
Aztec Set
Maua Set
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 150 Events
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 250 Friends
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 300 Inventory
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 400 Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
Saltar Set
Icon§UnlockAt460 Mariposa Set
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 600 Leaf Beetle
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 650 Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher and Missions
Icon§UnlockAt1000 Mayan Star Set
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 1,225 Special Visitor
Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 1,700 Bee Fly
Pardise Set
Icon§UnlockAt1800 Papakura Set
Icon§UnlockAt2450 Turmeric Set
Icon§UnlockAt2800 Citlali Set
Icon§UnlockAt3650 Rama-rama Set
Icon§UnlockAt4550 Uzuri Set
Icon§UnlockAt5400 Itzamna Set


The book displayed at the Flutterpedia Button switches its style depending on your score. The following gallery shows how the Flutterpedia Icon looks like in its different stages.

Icon§Flutterpedia Rank01
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank02
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank03
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank04
0 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 400 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Adept Hobbyist
800 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Adept Collector
1,200 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Adept Flutterer
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank05
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank06
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank07
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank08
1,600 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Adept Lepidopterist
2,000 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Skillful Hobbyist
2,400 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Skillful Collector
2,800 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Skillful Flutterer
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank09
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank10
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank11
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank12
3,200 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Skillful Lepidopterist
3,600 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Star Hobbyist
4,000 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Star Collector
4,400 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Star Flutterer
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank13
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank14
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank15
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank16
4,800 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Star Lepidopterist
5,200 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Expert Hobbyist
5,600 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Expert Collector
6,000 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Expert Flutterer
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank17
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank18
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank19
Icon§Flutterpedia Rank20
6,400 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Expert Lepidopterist
6,800 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Master Hobbyist
7,200 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Master Collector
7,600 Icon§FlutterpediaPoints
Master Flutterer


  • Stage 20 (Master Flutterer) seems to be the last known stage for now.

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