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Game Description



Care for your own rainforest and raise butterflies through their incredible life cycle. Use your touch to bring light and life into the environment and assemble spectacular butterfly collections!
Each butterfly is a vibrant, artistically expressive depiction of a real life species with stunning wing patterns and unique behavioral characteristics. Players can collect endless varieties of brilliantly colored flora and fauna to attract new butterfly species. From caterpillar, to chrysalis,to butterfly players foster these delicate creatures with pollen and help the rainforest thrive.


  • Collect, fuse and feed dozens of real-life butterfly species
  • Stunning environmental visuals - expand your forest with new life and color by gathering and planting special flowers to attract a diverse set of species
  • Attract butterflies from all around the world and add them to your ever-expanding “Flutterpedia”. Each species has a unique fact sheet on their characteristics and natural history
  • Listen to the Rainforest in the palm of your hand
  • Put on your headphones to experience a real-life lush rainforest ambience and immerse yourself into a deeper experience
  • Use gestures to interact with your creatures, drop leaves into caterpillars’ mouths, crack open chrysalises, and guide your butterflies around their growing environment
  • Guide your butterflies through the forest and watch them flutter, fly, perch and play
  • Unlock achievements with a robust goal system powered by Game Center
  • Earn Bonus Powers for completion Butterfly regions
  • Store and manage your Collection of butterflies
  • Fuse butterflies and use flower pollen to level up and find out more about each species

On creating the game, the development team spent time in their local museum’s Tropical Forest to capture the authenticity of the butterflies and to ensure that the underlying science was correct. The resulting graphical style recreates the reality of the rainforest habitat!


Butterfly Sets

  • Go to Aztec
  • Go to Wayang
  • Go to Maua
  • Go to Mariposa
  • Go to Amigo
  • Go to Mayan Star
  • Go to Paradise
  • Go to Papakura
  • Go to Turmeric
  • Go to Citlali
  • Go to Saltar
  • Go to Rama-rama
  • Go to Uzuri
  • Go to Itzamna
  • Go to Leafwing
  • Go to Perisama
  • Go to Shamrock
  • Go to Tsubasa
  • Go to Nawab
  • Go to Admiral
  • Go to Fantasma
  • Go to Festive
  • Go to Birdwing
  • Go to Aphrodite
  • Go to Acraea
  • Go to Quetzal
  • Go to Colotis
  • Go to Jezebel
  • Go to Metalmark
  • Go to Forester
  • Go to Skipper
  • Go to Cracker
  • Go to Majutsu
  • Go to Hairstreak
  • Go to Silverbell
  • Go to Brahman
  • Go to Venus
  • Go to Ostara
  • Go to Juno
  • Go to Nyeupe
  • Go to Azure
  • Go to Pilpintu
  • Go to Otono
  • Go to Muertos
  • Go to Aurum
  • Go to Tinsel
  • Go to Papalotl
  • Go to Amore
  • Go to Ziana
  • Go to Odyssey
  • Go to Roho
  • Go to Starlight
  • Go to Ryuu
  • Go to Senja
  • Go to Babochka
  • Go to Vuelo
  • Go to Salji
  • Go to Maxime
  • Go to Masque
  • Go to Sundarata
  • Go to Lencten
  • Go to Escolha
  • Go to Liberty
  • Go to Daystar
  • Go to Statera
  • Go to Tenebris
  • Go to Amber
  • Go to Icicle
  • Go to Yunqi
  • Go to Primavera
  • Go to Arbor
  • Go to Helios
  • Go to Majesty
  • Go to Europa
  • Go to Fiesta
  • Go to Juhua
  • Go to Mehndi
  • Go to Aurora
  • Go to Civitas
  • Go to Anteros
  • Go to Oir
  • Go to Praesidio
  • Go to Pequena
  • Go to Kaleidoscope
  • Go to Apani
  • Go to Qiao

This Wiki like the games themselves is a close cousin of Splash: Underwater Sanctuary Wiki and Flutter: Starlight Wiki.

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What Butterflies are Available?

Regular Butterflies

These butterflies are available year round once you unlock them by reaching their specific Flutterpedia Score*. You raise your Flutterpedia Score by completing sets, gaining data on butterflies, etc.

0 PointsAztec Set
Wayang Set
Maua Set
Amigo Set**
400 PointsSaltar Set**
460 PointsMariposa Set
1,000 PointsMayan Star Set
1,700 PointsParadise Set**
1,800 PointsPapakura Set
2,450 PointsTurmeric Set
2,800 PointsCitlali Set
3,650 PointsRama-rama Set
4,550 PointsUzuri Set
5,400 PointsItzamna Set

** Special Requirement Sets
These sets are available year-round, just like the previous sets. But instead of being found around the rainforest, the flowers are obtained in special ways, from gifts from friends, from your friendly Strawberry Poison Dart Frog or from your friendly, maybe sometimes hoggish Bee Fly. These Attraction Flowers are quite rare, but they will pop up.

Limited Butterflies

These butterflies are only available on limited time, but can be obtained off this time from the Special Visitor.

To see all past events, check the Butterfly Events page!
Any current Butterfly Events can be seen with a timer at the top of the main page.

There are currently 456 butterflies in the game spread over 96 Sets.
59 of these butterflies are currently available through incubation.

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