Nawab Set§Decoration Special
One way to get special butterflies without buying them as a Special Visitor is by participating in Butterfly Events! This also brings additional rewards to your forest.

The bonuses are only available before the event is up. As soon as the event is over, the exclusive rewards can't be obtained in the future.

In the past, completing sets during the time limit rewarded you with Exclusive Decorations.
Currently, you are able to get upgraded Special Abilities.

Exclusive Decorations

With the release of the Nawab set, the exclusive version of the set decorations was introduced as a third kind next to the common and deluxe ones. These third one could only be obtained by completing the set during the given time limit of each event.

Nawab Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Admiral Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Fantasma Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Festive Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Birdwing Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft
Nawab Set Admiral Set Fantasma Set Festive Set Birdwing Set
Indian Lotus
Black-footed Marasmius Fungus
Pitcher Plant
Aphrodite Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Acraea Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Quetzal Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Colotis Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft
Aphrodite Set Acraea Set Quetzal Set Colotis Set
Red Rose
Long-Tailed Cassia
Sweet Orange
Caper Bush
Jezebel Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Metalmark Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Forester Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Skipper Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft Cracker Set§DecorationSingle ExclusiveLeft
Jezebel Set Metalmark Set Forester Set Skipper Set Cracker Set
Box Mistletoe
Exclusive Golden-scruffy Collybia Exclusive
Natal Plum
Blue Mistflower
Butterfly Vine

If the exclusive decoration was achieved, it will show up in a third circle at the set's overview at the Flutterpedia at the top right. If it's completed after the event time, there will only show up two circles. That's also the case at the decration's overview.

Cracker Set§Flutterpedia OffEvent
Cracker Set§Flutterpedia

Special Ability Upgrades and Exclusive Alternate Form

The Majutsu set replaced the Exclusive Decorations reward with upgraded Special Abilities for completing the set during the time limit. Once unlocked the upgraded ability will be available on all fully upgraded butterflies of the species, even if they are hatched, raised, fused or fed to highest level after the event ended.
Similiar to the view of the exclusive decoration, there will be a third circle showing the alternate form at the set's overview at the Flutterpedia and only two circles, showing the unlimited available decorations, if the set is finished after the time run out.

  • MajutsuGo to Majutsu
  • HairstreakGo to Hairstreak
  • SilverbellGo to Silverbell
  • BrahmanGo to Brahman
  • VenusGo to Venus
  • OstaraGo to Ostara
  • JunoGo to Juno
  • NyeupeGo to Nyeupe
  • AzureGo to Azure
  • PilpintuGo to Pilpintu
  • OtonoGo to Otono
  • MuertosGo to Muertos
  • AurumGo to Aurum
  • TiselGo to Tinsel
  • PapalotlGo to Papalotl
  • AmoreGo to Amore
  • ZianaGo to Ziana
  • RohoGo to Roho
  • StarlightGo to Starlight
  • RyuuGo to Ryuu
  • SenjaGo to Senja
  • BabochkaGo to Babochka
  • VueloGo to Vuelo
  • SaljiGo to Salji


  • Until Update 1.93 on 23rd October 2014 it was possible to get the third decoration by completing the set during a later event, too. This got fixed autumn 2014.
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