Dandelions will appear occasionally in your forest. Their spawn rotates with the Leaf Bug, Bark Bug and Floating Petal. This means only one of these can occur at once (except for spawns forced by Special Abilities of butterflies).

When you fly over a Dandelion with a butterfly, it will release 15 seeds, which will float through the air. You will then need to catch them with your butterflies by dragging them through the seeds.

Every seed which is caught will give you some Honeydew. The amount collected depends on your Flutterpedia Score and is between 2.2% and 2.7% of your score in Honeydew.

Special Abilities

The following butterflies are able to create a Dandelion with their Special Ability every 24 hours:

Related Goals

  • Seed Sequester: Collect 50 floating seeds (Reward: Icon§Flutterbuck 1)
  • Seed Sequester II: Collect 500 floating seeds (Reward: Icon§Flutterbuck 3)
  • Seed Sequester III: Collect 2,000 floating seeds (Reward: Icon§Flutterbuck 5)
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