Bee Fly§Flutterpedia1st
Scientific Name: Anastoechus Nitidulus
Description: Bee Flies primarily feed on pollen, and while doing so they significantly contribute to the cross-pollination of plants.
Feed your Bee Fly pollen to mature it and get items. As the Bee Fly matures, it will reward better items.

Bee Fly§Silhouette


Description not unlocked: Reach a score of 1700 to unlock.

The Bee Fly is unlocked by reaching a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 1,700 and will appear for free in your forest.

Feed it with pollen until it puffs up, then tap it and it will 'explode' to give you presents like Attraction Flowers (10% as Baby, Young and Teen Bee Fly, 20% as Adult Bee Fly), Storage items or frog treats. Further it's the only source for Paradise Attraction Flowers. It can be fed unlimited times as soon as it's grown up.


Baby Bee Fly
(First Stage)
  • Pollen needed: 150
  • Times: 30
Banner§BeeFly Baby
Bee Fly§Baby
Bee Fly§Baby Fed
Bee Fly§Baby Drop
Young Bee Fly
(Second stage)
  • Pollen needed: 250
  • Times: 30
Banner§BeeFly Young
Bee Fly§Young
Bee Fly§Young Fed
Bee Fly§Young Drop
Teen Bee Fly
(Third stage)
  • Pollen needed: 400
  • Times: 40
Banner§BeeFly Teen
Bee Fly§Teen
Bee Fly§Teen Fed
Bee Fly§Teen Drop
Bee Fly
(Last stage)
  • Pollen needed: 600
Banner§BeeFly Adult
Bee Fly§Adult
Bee Fly§Adult Fed
Bee Fly§Adult Drop

Possible Drops

The Bee Fly has a big range of possible give-aways, from Flutterbucks over Storage Items to Attraction Flowers of almost any kind:

The only things you won't get from it are Frog Delicacies, Saltar, Amigo and Event Attraction Flowers.

Special Abilities

Special Ability§GiveTheBeeFlyLove
The following butterflies have Special Abilities to interact with the Bee Fly:


  • The Bee Fly was introduced on 3rd July 2014 with Update 1.90.
  • It's not possible to sell or store the Bee Fly.
  • On 5th June 2014 the Bee Fly got its own entry in the Flutterpedia with the introduction of the Creatures section.
  • The Bee Fly is the only creature whose Flutterpedia page changes twice.
  • With Update 1.96 on 14th April 2015 the Bee Fly became detectable through the finding option in the Inventory.
  • On 23rd September 2015 with Update 1.99 the Bee Fly received more importance by beeing the only source for the Paradise set's Attraction Flowers.
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