Bark Bug§Flutterpedia
Scientific Name: Neuroctenus transitus
Description: Bark Bugs use camouflage to hide on tree trucks, so accurately that it can be very difficult for predators to see them.
Tap on Bark bugs when you spot them to get a small Honeydew bonus.

Description not unlocked: Find and tap on a Hidden Bug to unlock.

The Bark Bug is unlocked from the start and will occasionally appear in your forest. Tapping it will give 1 – 5% Honeydew of your Flutterpedia score, or one Flutterbuck with a chance of 2.5%.

On its appearance it makes a sound like a surly 'meh'.

Special Abilities

Bark Bug§InForest
To start a Bark Bug invasion, you can use butterfly's Special Ability. Currently these butterflies create some Bark Bugs :

Related Goals

Bark Bug§Silhouette
  • Barkbug Hunter: Find the Barkbug 10 Times (Reward: Icon§Flutterbuck 1)
  • Barkbug Hunter II: Find the Barkbug 50 Times (Reward: Icon§HD 1,000)
  • Barkbug Hunter III: Find the Barkbug 200 Times (Reward: Twig Icon§Storage Twig)


  • Sometimes the Bark Bug gets stuck after tapping and stays (untapable) on its spawn spot. This doesn't prevent other bug spawns. This can be solved be closing the game completely and restarting.
  • Some shy individuals don't get up completely and are harder to find, as only their legs might be visible beyond the branch.
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